Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recent severe windstorms

The severe band of windstorms that crossed the state this week is a reminder of how damaging Florida’s weather can be and how quickly it can change.

Be prepared by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your home’s construction.  Some weaknesses can be easily and fairly inexpensively remedied.  Have your home inspected by a certified builder, such as Butler Builders, who can advise you on safety improvements.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Window & Door Safety

The official Hurricane Season ended almost two months ago.  Now is a good time to have a certified contractor, such as Butler Builders, evaluate your home for Florida weather safety.

The following is Information from the State of Florida website about the value of having good safe windows and doors to minimize storm damage.

FACT: Impact-resistant glass and shutters are specifically designed to meet a combination of impact and continuous pressure from the wind. Windows are a critical barrier to protect your home from wind, wind-borne debris and water. If your windows are breached, this can exert pressure on your roof and walls, causing the collapse of the home. Much of the damage that occurred from Hurricane Andrew resulted from failure of windows and doors. These failures frequently lead to interior wall failure and sometimes roof failures. (NOAA)

FACT: The openings (doors and windows) are your homes primary defense against a storm. A garage door is the most frequent source of damage due to collapse or failure from storm surge or wind.  A reinforced garage door will prevent the largest opening in the house from being compromised during a storm. If the garage door gives in, the home is defenseless against the wind and rain of the storm. 

In addition, remodeling to update windows and doors to today’s standards can result in substantial energy efficiency, saving greatly on cooling and heating costs.