Friday, August 17, 2012

Hurricane Wind Damage

Hurricanes pose three principal threats to property and persons:  wind, tidal surge, and flooding.    Since there are no known ways to mitigate damage to property vulnerable to tidal surge or flooding from torrential rains, other than sandbagging or raising the structure above ground level, the focus of this blog will be wind damage.

Insurance companies recommend wind mitigation inspections to assess the vulnerability of homes to wind damage and to allow home owners to do all they can to reduce this potential. 

Following Hurricane Andrew in August 1992, the state legislature passed a law that requires stricter building codes for all new homes built in Florida.  The law also allows for insurance companies to give insurance discounts to owners of homes built before the law was enacted, if those owners add features which would put their homes in compliance and would therefore greatly lessen the likelihood of damage in high winds.

Butler Builders, Inc. specializes in Wind Mitigation inspections and can complete the considerable paperwork needed for you to submit to your insurance company to reduce your premiums.  They can also work with you to bring your home up to code in any area you might be lacking in order to make your home better equipped to come through Florida’s frequent hurricanes.  Keep in mind also, that we have many incidences of high winds in other storms besides hurricanes.

Contact Butler Builders, Inc. before the next “Andrew” or other natural disaster can wreck havoc on your biggest investment, your home.