Saturday, October 20, 2012



Remodeling can add value to your home, but more importantly, it can make your home more functional and livable

Two of the most popular remodel jobs are kitchens and bathrooms. Complete renovations in these areas to create rooms of your dream can be expensive.  If you do not have funds for a complete remodel, there is nevertheless work that can be done that would make the areas more usable and comfortable.

For example, would a new vanity sink top and updated light fixtures suffice without replacing an entire cabinet?  Would painting and resurfacing walls help modernize your bathroom? Installing new vinyl or cork flooring can also freshen the area. Adding a recessed cabinet can give much needed storage space.

Be creative and think of main areas that need “fixing.” Repurposing spaces and making more efficient use of your home’s square footage can bring major benefits.  Your kitchen might have enough space to add an island that could be used both for prep work and much needed storage underneath as well as an eating bar on one side. A small food storage pantry might be added with space borrowed from an adjacent room.

Work with your certified contractor to plan and design smaller additions and renovations to your existing kitchen and bathrooms that will increase your home’s usability if you can’t fund complete remodels at this time.