Saturday, May 7, 2011

Think About a Garage Addition for Your Home

Besides protecting your second most valuable asset Рyour car- from the elements, you can eliminate the worry of constantly removing items that would attract an overnight opportunity of passing theft. Even in the best of neighborhoods, thieves can intrude and car windows are often broken to snatch electronic equipment, cell phones, attach̩ cases, or purses and packages.

Adding a garage to your home is a also a good way to make your home more livable by giving room to keep useful, bulky items accessible. Consider areas in the garage for storing sports equipment to free up inside closet space. Often these items can be hung on the garage wall.  Smaller items like balls and gloves can be stored in bins stacked together.  Also, lawn maintenance and gardening items can be stored all together and a work station set up with tools hung in sight and handy on a pegboard. 

By adding some simple racks, bikes, skateboards, and such can be kept lined up and secure along one side of the garage.

Garages also provide a good indoor, out-of-the-weather location to work on large projects and on projects that will take a while to complete and which would be in the way on the dining room table. Storage can also be set up to keep seasonal items such as Christmas decorations and free up inside closet storage space, making the main house much less cluttered.

Garages also add value to your home in giving square footage, under roof and with floor and windows, that can be seen as an easy way to add living space to a home if another room is needed. Most garages are easily converted and in general, garages are an excellent value as additions to an existing home.